Hey, I’m Carson


Carson Jones

Zookeeper. Advocate. Creator. Speaker. Listener. Mover. Shaker. Friend. Son.

I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL in the tiny kingdom known as Mountain Brook. I spent 18 fairly quiet years there under the roof of two loving, yet incredibly stubborn, parents with two siblings who I fought like hell with. We were as normal as normal could get eating family dinner with the hum of ABC’s World News with Charlie Gibson on in the background and discussing the goings on with dad’s job, our school, and the latest drama at the Birmingham Zoo where I worked. I knew I wanted to be a zookeeper, and from the age of 13 I spent everyday working to achieve that dream.

School took me first to the University of Georgia. My days were spent milking cows, training black bears, orchestrating a rodeo, waiting tables, and enjoying all the freedoms that the #1 party school in the country at the time could offer. I purposely had left my friends and family behind to do something different, to be someone different, or most likely, to discover who I was supposed to be. My next adventure took me out west to Colorado State University to pursue my master’s. I left Georgia so sure of myself, my abilities, and my dreams. Colorado brought more trials and tribulations than I bargained for, but amongst the mountains and the clear crisp air, I found a sense of community and camaraderie I hadn’t realized I was missing in my life up to that point.

While I was finishing my master’s, skeptical of what the future would hold, my dad decided he wanted to do more. Needless to say we didn’t realize at the time that his run for the United States Senate would turn out to be the phenomenon of the year that it was. His successful defeat of a, to put it politely, very special republican challenger changed our lives in ways we never would have imagined.

Dad’s election and the subsequent events to follow, made me realize that it was time to do more as well. This project is the beginning of that something. A place to display authentic life both struggles and successes. To demonstrate that with every picture perfect instagram account there is a messy normal world behind it.

I’ve never much cared for the words activist or influencer. Those seemed like made up careers for those with lots to say and little knowledge on the subject. But here we are today. Today, I am incredibly lucky to have been given an opportunity to advocate for my community, for animals, and for issues I care about. To lend support to others. To laugh at myself, and to demonstrate my support for a world full of civilized dialogue, creativity, and compassion. Thank you so much for following me along this journey. I will inevitably make mistakes along the way, call me out, and hold me accountable. But in the end, I hope I do you proud.


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Carson Jones